Launchpad #1

Launchpad #1

LUXPAD The LuxPad platform offers a complete solution for anyone looking for services such as token printing & locking, Our platform uses governance protocols to define token audits. proposals can be used for various reasons such as setting up costs, adding security auditors, and deciding on further development and features.

We Bring New Launchpad Platform

Advantages of launching a single currency project on our Luxpad platform:

  • Cheap launching fees $100 gas Platform commission.
  • Team management required for KYC first for LuxPad team.
  • Number 3-10 Top holders of $LUXPAD Token get a VIP path to get token that will be Launched on the $LUXPAD Platform.
  • Number 10 - 50 Top Holders $LUXPAD Token get ways second to get new token to be Launched.

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